Maintenance Schedule

Lube Oil & Filter

Every 5,000 km/every 3 months
Change engine oil and filter. Includes chassis lube as required.

Coolant strength

Once every 6 months, changed every once a year
This service inspects all cooling system components, PH acid level test, and the testing of the coolant freeze point. After that we inspect the belts and hoses.

Rotate Tires

Every other oil change-every 10,000 km
This includes installation of tires onto rims, cleaning of the rims, and installation of new valve stem as well as computer balance of tires.

Brake Inspection

Every 15, 000 km
This service includes a road test of your vehilces brake operation. We inspect and report all wheel function material, including the flex hoses, brake lines, both master and wheel cylinders, and the calipers for leaks. Then inspect the brake fluid to make sure it’s at the proper level.

Transmission Service

Every 100,000 km
This service includes the removal of the transmission pan, then the replacement of the filter and pan gasket. Once that is finished we re-fill the vehicle with Automatic Transmission fluid.

AC Performance Checks

Once a year
This includes inspection of leaks in the vehicle’s system, as well as the refrigerant strengths, levels, and cabin air filters. We then finish with an inspection of the A/C die with a UV light.